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Fresh Air? Clean Politics? Is there such a thing?

So I have this idea…and quite frankly, if you don’t like it, then don’t read here.

I’ve always been known as a blunt person.  Sometimes know to lack tack (I’m working on it)

I just can’t understand why people don’t just tell the truth.  I hate dancing around the truth and not getting to the point.

People nowadays, seem like they are so afraid to say “What’s up!” and why?

Probably because knives, guns and crazy ass people are out there and we are more aware of them now than ever because we have these Isis peeps running around and chopping heads off of people.

So…How did we get here?

When did we stop talking about clean air?

When was it that Fracking Chemicals Polluting our air became “ok”.

Do you even know what it’s like to live next to a fracking site?

I do.

My skin does.

My nose does.

My lack of sleep and my physical well being does.

Yeah..I’m going to go there.

So what about politics?

Don’t even think for a second that the “ignorance” to the impact of fracking isn’t known.

Think about it.

How can you know that fracking is safe because people have been doing it for years and then say it’s ok to not disclose your fracking chemicals to the public that will have to inhale it.

What?  You didn’t know that people around a fracking site inhale stuff? neither….Until one day I walked out of my home and I almost shit my pants.

The once fresh air……poisoned.

I teach Biology.  I know how molecules work.

If I can smell it…that means something at the atomic level (metal, name it) are going into my body, to my lungs and into my system.

Human bodies are amazing.

If I walk out of my home and smell Sharpie Marker scent…like EVERYWHERE…not just a whiff from the neighbor next door.  LITERALLY SURROUNDED by this very distinctly wrong and foreign odor…then all of neck hairs stand up and I KNOW something is wrong.

When did humans stop following their instincts?

What’s the deal?

That’s what this blog is about.

Instincts. Facts. Reality. And making it through this world.

How can our perspective make our break our happiness and what can we do about changing the world for a better place and should that even be our goal?

Hang tight…cause it’s gonna be a ride.

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