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Why Fracking Makes Some People Mad- Fracking Sounds Are no Joke.

Fracking is one of those things that FreshAirCleanPolitics is most prominently pursuing right now.

How can you possibly have fresh air when you dig a well deep into untapped Earth?

Have you ever drilled before?

Even with wood drilling you get a lot of dust.  Think about all the times you drilled with an electric drill into wooden studs.

Was it a clean process?

Hell no it wasn’t.

As a matter of a fact, if you do a lot of drilling you very likely wear a face mask.

So why does this matter and what does it have to do with Fracking?

Well, Fracking REQUIRES drilling into the ground.

It REQUIRES drilling rock and that rock is going to come up in a very fine air borne dust just the same as wood dust does when you drill it.

It is INEVITABLE that it will pollute the air with elements that are so far down in the Earth and some are not naturally found in the Earth.

ON top of that, the organic cess pools of chemical water required to keep the drilling from sparking a fire (lubricant)  is also being evaporated in the air.

The air particulate around a site WILL be more polluted.

There is no way around it, yet the gas companies tell residents of nearby suburbs and homes that there is nothing unsafe about fracking.

Do I personally think it is a coincidence that my skin has never looked worse and I am having breathing problems since fracking moved into town?

Absolutely no way.

What rocks and shatters my boat even more is that you can find literature that says fracking will not harm “most” people but it may affect babies, pregnant women and Immuno-compromised people.

If it does that…..that means “normal” people are affected as well.  They have healthy lungs to handle the debris in the air….but NOT for LONG.

Shame on the fracking companies just leaning on the reliability of our own lungs to just heal from what they put in them.

The dust and the breathing and skin problems were the after effects of the fracking near my home.

What really riled me up for a couple of months was the SOUND.

Fracking is LOUD.

This is by far the best example of what I hear 24/7 during fracking. It is enough to piss you off beyond your wildest dreams…I literally have thought of ways to end this maddening sound and none of them were legal.  Interesting because I’m one of those American’s who has nothing but a solid and good record on all levels of my life…but this sound……this sound drives a person mad.

I can’t tell you how upsetting it was to have moved into a new residential area and not 2 years later, I was being woken up by a buzzing, Grrrrrrr, airplan or truck constantly moving outside, sound around my home.  I was shook awake because my bed (YES!!! my bed!) would shake from the vibrations cause by the drilling.

To say I was pissed is an understatement.

There was no apology from the gas company, no compensation for lost sleep and the lack of functioning at my job for close to three months.  No restitution for the loss of the quiet back yard I used to sit in and enjoy.


I bought a new home in a wasteland and I had no idea.

How in the world can gas companies get away with this?

What is happening in America?

Land of the Free right?

How is losing sleep, being trapped inside to protect your lungs and fear that you are being damaged by something you can’t see ANY type of freedom whatsoever?

It’s not.


Shame on you gas and fracking companies for not taking better steps to educate the public and to take care of the nuisance you create.

Shame Shame Shame on you!

You are making America have more jobs by destroying her integrity and good will.

I’m not sure I want a part of that.

For those of you who want to HEAR it…Check this out:


These gas companies are full of shit.  It’s not new that sound is a problem.  They don’t care.  They are in it for the money and screw all of the residents that owned land prior to them showing up.

Check this guy out…He lived here….He was told to move or tough crap.  What a bunch of garbage and this is just ONE of the stories.

I never expected to be one of these stories, but now I am.

Shame on the government for allowing this to happen this way. At the very least offer a SUBSTANTIAL way to allow these people to find their own quiet solitude and their homes again.



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